Putting TurfScrub to the Test

For Exceptional Cleaning Performance and Long Pad Life, Choose TurfScrub

TurfScrub brings brush scrubbing action to the convenience of a floor pad. Save time and labor with the ease of use and exceptional cleaning performance of this dynamic floor pad.

Superior Cleaning on Challenging Surfaces

Whether you’re cleaning grouted tile, terrazzo, or concrete, TurfScrub excels for hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. TurfScrub is ideal for a variety of floor surfaces, and its coarse bristles dig deep to remove grime from uneven and textured surfaces. 

TurfScrub is also more cost-effective than utilizing traditional brushes or replacing expensive brush driver blocks. This unique pad is designed to be both flexible and lightweight for easier application and alternating with traditional floor pads when the application requires multiple pad types.

For Tough Scrubbing: TurfScrub

Comparing TurfScrub to a competing product, Americo’s western region Commercial Sales Director and seasoned floor care expert Todd Forêt says, “TurfScrub is always a winner because it cleans better and is easier to use on a side-by-side or auto scrubber. The bristles of traditional brushes flex too much under the weight of heavier machines, keeping them from reaching the pores of grout lines and other trouble areas.”

TurfScrub’s superior construction with no serged borders provides both durability and edge-to-edge cleaning power. This pad covers up to 300,000 square feet when used as recommended. 

See the Results

These “Before” and “After” shots from a recent field demonstration show the impressive performance of TurfScrub. Using a 14”x28” oscillating machine, TurfScrub lifted accumulated soil from this LVT floor.

Before Turfscrub
After Turfscrub

TurfScrub Product Specs


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