Q: Why choose us?

A: In an industry as complex as the cleaning industry it can be confusing and often overwhelming on what and where to purchase your janitorial supplies from to complete your cleaning project effectively.  With janitorial supply companies such as Intercity Paper Company we are knowledgeable in just that Janitorial and Maintenance supplies. Not only will you get quality cleaning solutions to complete your cleaning project effectively but you get the knowledge and get the latest trends that no large box store retailer can offer.

Q: Do you have a catalog?

A: Yes, we do have a paper printed catalog that spotlights the majority of our product offerings. You can request one by contacting us. We also have an electronic version of the paper catalog on our website. Please click here to be redirected to our catalog page or check out our online store.

Q: Is your company Wholesale or Retail?

A: Intercity Paper is a wholesale distributor but we also do retail at our store location. Most of our products are purchased in cases and sold in cases at discounted prices but we also tend to smaller clients at the retail level.

Q: What is your time of operation?

A: Please click here to be directed to our contact page for information regarding business hours and location.

Q: What is the difference between your products versus products found at other retailers?

A: Many of our competitors offer a range of cleaning supplies that are fairly priced and can perform the same job as some of our products. The difference has to do with whats inside those products. Many retailers offer diluted down, smaller quantity, different sizes, and often times what we in the industry call a “Cheat Product” to get the price down.  If you are a professional contractor it’s often tempting to use those products from the price perspective. However, those products often require more of the product to get the same job done.  At Intercity paper Company our products are commercial grade products and what is listed on the packaging is whats inside the product. No cheats, no shortcuts.  Our products can be comparable and often times better then what the competitor retailer offers. You will not only use less product on a cleaning project but  achieve better results with expert knowledge which is something our larger box retailers do not offer.

Q: How do I get a sample of your products?

A: Due to high requests we do not provide samples. We do however offer small quantity purchases at no minimum order for your evaluation purposes. Depending on what you looking for our vendors may offer a sample package per request. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Can I get a special order item?

A: Yes, special order items must be called into customer service 401-722-4599. After placement, these special orders cannot be cancelled and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Q: How am I saving money by buying from you versus the other competitors?

A: When we quote you on your supplies your price is your price. Our competitors, ie. Big Box chains, like to make you think your saving money by offering similar or cheater products and offering rebates and coupons offering additional savings. Meanwhile their products cost you more in the long run with their cheater and water down products. If you like these programs our competitors offer we encourage you to continue to use them. If you want reliable pricing, support, and knowledge for our products we encourage you to use us for your janitorial supply needs.

As more common questions come in we will continue to update our FAQ page. If you’re looking for a janitorial product solutions please contact us today.