Office Supplies Now Available!

Office Supplies
Office Supplies is Here!

Intercity Paper Company is proud to announce the availability of Office Supplies as part of our product line of Jan/San supplies! Yes, you read that correctly! Office Supplies is here and available to order starting now.

We are excited to have this available to you as it was a request we received over the years. With this in place, we are asking our clients for products they use often so we can have them available as soon as possible.

Everything from copy paper, inks/toners, and furniture to snacks, coffee, and desk essentials we have them all backed by our personalized service we provide to all our clients!

Products are beginning to appear and ship from our online catalog.  Contact us for more information and how to get started.

Our online store is currently undergoing backend upgrades to meet current web standaards and compliance. In the coming days our online store will experience service interuptions during the upgrade process. Please contact us if the store is not available for your orders as we can help you offline.