Ice Melt 2023-2024 Season has Begun

Stay Ahead of the Storm by Ordering your Ice Melt from your Local, Trusted Supplier!

Intercity Paper has begun preparations for the winter 2023-24 ice melt season. As always with our tradition, our pre-sale for ice melt begins on September 1st to October 31st. Deliveries begin as soon as stock arrives to your facility. See below for additional details.

MeltCo and Peldow De-Icing Products

This year we continue with our offering of MeltCo and Peldow Ice Melt products. Please see the below product placement breakdowns and features.

Our recommended ice melter for this year is Meltco’s Turf Protect! Turf Protect offers multi surface protection from ice, child and pet friendly, organic, safe for vegetation, less corrosive, and biodegradable. It is ideal for surfaces that need protection from cracking like asphalt, concrete, walkways with landscaping, sidewalks, and pavers.

Additional Winter Items

We also stock shovels, roof scrapers, special neutral floor cleaners, and spreaders available to help with those snowy tasks.

Ordering Information

During the pre-sale period, starting September 1st to October 31st, any column pricing gets another 5% off invoice. Ice melt will be put on separate orders for tracking. During the season, ice melt can be combined with any stock order. Please follow our terms for minimum order information. Additional links for pricing and ordering online are available below.