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  • We Present Our Duro Bag Inventory

    We Present Our Duro Bag Inventory

    Intercity Paper offers an extensive inventory and selection of stock Duro Bags for take-out and retail. Count on us as your reliable Duro Bag supplier. Ordering

  • Introducing StrawFish

    Introducing StrawFish

    The New Solution to Plastic Pollution StrawFish is cleaning up our coastlines and landfills, turning marine pollution into disposable solutions. It’s an easy way for your customers to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Ordering

  • Introducing Anchor Packaging

    Introducing Anchor Packaging

    Food-To-Go has never been more important Anchor Packaging containers perform for hot foods, refrigerated to microwave, or cold with endless options. Order

  • NCCO FoodService Solutions POS Essentials

    NCCO FoodService Solutions POS Essentials

    Intercity Paper stocks a full selection of National Checking Products. We present a sampling of POS Essentials below. Intercity Paper reps can guide you toward the right products for every application.

  • School Lunch Trays in Stock

    School Lunch Trays in Stock

    The Latest from Primeware and Greenwave Fiber based Trays If your a facilities manager for a school or food service hall we at Intercity Paper have some food tray options to assist you in your food hand out efforts. The latest in fiber based trays from Primeware and Greenwave are here, available by case or…

  • It’s Hot Cup Season!

    It’s Hot Cup Season!

    Keep your facilities eating areas stocked this cold weather season

  • NCLwipes Disinfectant Wipes

    NCLwipes Disinfectant Wipes

    Quality and Performance In A Disinfectant Wipe from NCL The quality of the wipe makes a big difference in the cleaning performance. NCLwipes™ Disinfectant Wipes are constructed using the highest quality, superior performance materials available. The unique diamond pattern creates an incredibly strong weave that resists stretching, tearing and linting.NCLwipes Disinfectant Wipes are a quat-based…

  • Kari Out Sauce Packets – Soy, Mustard, Duck Sauce

    Kari Out Sauce Packets – Soy, Mustard, Duck Sauce

    Committed to quality. Committed to you. Kari Our cares about your business! Kari Out is your leading provider for sauces with over 50 years experience. Take a look at Kari Out’s classic Chinese sauces, as well as their new sauce products that expand in Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisines. Kari Out produces billions of…

  • Summer Catering Guide 2023

    Summer Catering Guide 2023

    Intercity Paper Company presents this years Disposable Catering Essentials Guide so that you can pick the right product(s) for your next catering or office party event. All products are now available on our online store and can be delivered within 24 hours (product availability will vary). Feel free to contact us for more information!

  • New Kari-Out Food Containers

    New Kari-Out Food Containers

    There are plenty of plastic and Styrofoam compartment food trays on the market, but our Eco Box is the first paper tray of its kind!